How To Connect CAR Amplifier To Front Speakers

car amp front speakers

If you have installed a new pair of front aftermarket speakers into the doors of your car, to get the best out of them its recommended to install a 4 channel amplifier. This will provide a clean more powerful signal to the front speakers, resulting in cleaner sound thats louder. You can still run new car speakers on a factory headunit, however the sound quality will be limited and they won't get that loud. Most small amps inside a factory stereo provide around 15 to 20 rms of watts. Aftermarket car amps can provide around 100 watts or more to your car speakers. When purchasing a 4 channel amp to use with your door speakers, ensure that the rms ratings on each channel match the output of the speaker. The rms watts rating is provided in the user manual and is always placed on a stick behind the magnet.

Now to connect a car amplifier to your front door speakers, you have choice of running brand new speaker wire or tapping into the one that is already fitted into the cars inside. The easiest option is to connect the speakers wire going to the car amp with the wires on the speaker wiring harness that plugs into the back of the CD player radio. Unless you are running some serious watts into your aftermarket door speakers, using factory wiring to connect your door speakers to a 4 channel amp should work perfectly.

1) Run the red power wire down the car from the + battery terminal into the 12 volt on the car amp.

2) Ground the amp using the black wire provided in the kit to a metal bolt on the chassis.

3) Run your RCAS, remote wire and two sets of speaker wires to the front area were the din slot is.

4) Plug the RCAS into the 'FRONT' Output found on the back of the car stereo. Connect the remote wire to the blue turn on lead on the car wiring harness. Cover up the connection using insulation tape or heatshrink tubing to prevent shorts.

car stereo wires pinout
5) Now you have got to connect the speaker wire running from your car amp, to the small wires on the factory stereo. You will need to look for the front speaker wire, they are colored white and grey. You might find the aftermarket stereo wiring diagram to help you find the correct wires.

6) Get a wire cutter and cut both the wire and grey pairs of wire. Connect up the speaker wire going to the car amp with each of the two channels, ensuring that positive and negative are exact. Once you have done that, remember to cover up the connections using electrical tape.

This is the best and easiest way to hook up a 4 channel amp to your front speakers without runing to speaker wire into the doors. You can also connect your rear speakers as well on the other two sets of channel.
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