How To Get Better Sound Out Of Your Car Subwoofer

An car audio subwoofer is an component integrated into an vehicle to enhance the level of bass. An car subwoofer can come in an wide range of different sizes and shapes. Anything from an small 10 inch subwoofer all the way up to an 18 inch car subwoofer. Usually, the bigger the subwoofer, the more potential it has to play deeper bass, but don't get me wrong an good low tuned ported box made right can make any subwoofer play low. Now, in most cases the subwoofer itself is not to blame if you have poor sound and bass response. How it is setup plays an more important part on how much potential you gain from your car subwoofer. 

The main element is the enclosure. When people are introduced to car audio, they automatically are under the impression that the box is just an shape constructed from wood. This correct to some extent, however the car subwoofer box has to be made to specification of the subwoofer. The air space inside the box has to be exact to what the subwoofer can work in to play its best. If there is too little or too much air space inside the box, the subwoofer will not work at its best ability. This means you are left with an confused face. Get an custom box made from an subwoofer car audio shop, they will measure your vehicle and tune the port to what type of sound you are trying to get. The great thing with an vented box is you can tune the port to gain lower or higher type of bass. My optimal tuning for the best of both worlds is 33 HZ, this gives you nice smooth deep bass, but at the same time also gives you that punch. Them sealed boxes already made on the shelf hanging about on shop floors and internet websites like Ebay are not going to give you the sound you expect.

If you are purchasing an new vehicle, it is always essential to make sure you do your proper research before taking ownership. Never rush into buying any vehicle and always do the basics such as VIN decoder and VIN lookup checks. This is very important.

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