Please help car amplifier not powering on? What should i do to fix it

An car amplifier requires 12 volts to switch on. If your car amplifier is not powering on, then this car audio troubleshooting guide will help you with working out an solution to this car audio problem. The first thing you need to check is the fuse on the main red power wire. You will find an inline fuse holder fitted right next to the positive terminal on the car battery. Remove the plastic cover and inspect the fuse. If you notice the wire inside the fuse is snapped or broken, then the fuse is blown and must be replaced in order to fix your broken car amplifier. There is also an fuse found on the car amplifier itself they can also fail, so inspect them too. 

Once you have verified all the fuses are not blown, then you need to further inspect the car amplifier not turning on scenario. The car amplifier remote wire is responsible for it to switch on and off with the car ignition. Trace back the blue remote wire an locate were it goes either to an fuse box if you have an factory radio or the blue wire on an aftermarket radio. Check all connections make sure they are strong and reliable and also check the fuse for the remote wire in the fuse tap, (if its wired to the fuse box). The fuse could be blown, hence the car amplifier not getting an signal to switch on and off. 

The ground wire is also important. The black wire that goes to an metal part of the chassis. You will need to ensure that the ground connection is making good contact with the metal of the car. Ensure that you find an clean ground location. Use sandpaper to remove any paint around the surface that you are going to mount your ground wire. Also an seat belt bolt is going to be strongest point of an earth in your car.

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