How To Fix (No Sound) From Rear Car Speakers

rear speakers not working car audio system

If you have installed a car stereo into your vehicle correctly, you should have sound coming from the two front and rear speakers. If for some reason your rear car speakers have no sound, you will not have a full range sound in the car. There are many reasons to why this can happen, this could possibly be that the rear speakers are disconnected either from the front or back side in terms of connections. In most cases, it’s a simple fix as we have seen it being very rear that the back speakers are blown from overuse or overpowered if connected to a car stereo and not using an amplifier. If you are running aftermarket speakers, then it could be many variables that can cause no sound coming from your rear speakers. The best solution would be to start troubleshooting this car audio problem at home to see if you can get sound coming from your rear speakers. This website should help you with it, if you have any problems on concerns regarding your install then please do let us know in the comments section below.

For normal none amplifier systems directly from pioneer stereo: 

Check the fader control
All car stereos have an option to control to fade the sound from the front to the rear. It gives you the privilege over the sound to making it come more in the front and completely cut it off from the back. This should be found under the fader settings in your cd player’s menu somewhere. To get a balanced sound from both the front and rear of the car, its best to set it in the middle. 

Speaker wire could not be connected.
On the back of the car stereo wiring harness there are four channels, so four separate pairs of wire two for the front and two for the back. The rear speakers might not be connected from the back of the car stereo. Also check the connections from the rear to see that they are not lose or have come of due to poor soldering and tape connections.

For separate amplifier systems 4 channel aftermarket installs:

Check the rca cables
These are used to provide an input signal into the amplifier. Most cars will have a four channel amp setup, so you will be running two separate pairs of rca cables one for the front and the other for the rear. Make sure they are connected to their appropriate outputs on the car stereo and into the inputs on the car amp. The rca cables could also be shorted so use a spare cable if the previous step doesn’t fix the no sound coming from the rear speaker problem in your audio system. 

Check the gain
This can be turned all the way down on the car amp for the rear channels. Get a flat head screwdriver to confirm that the gain is setup to a reasonable level so that the car amp can produce sound from the rear speakers. We have seen some car audio systems that have come into the car audio shop that have had the rear gain turned down many times. The customer is usually confused with why they didn’t figure this out due to being such as simple problem to fix no sound coming from the rear speakers.

Worst case scenario the speakers could be blown or damaged if you are still getting no sound coming from your rear speakers. The best way to test this is to connect a spare speaker to the rear channels to test to see if sound comes out of it. It’s very rear to see this occur unless your car has cheap factory paper cone speakers. The rear channels on the amplifier could also be blown out such as a bad mosfet transistor or another problem. If you are still stuck, then at this point its advised to book your car in with a local car audio shop to have a look into it in more depth.
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