How To Fix Car Speaker Cuts In and Out On Stereo

car speakers cutting out from bass vibrations

Have you noticed recently that your car speakers cuts in and out during music playback? There are many different causes to make your speakers cut out when you are driving. It can easily become more apparent when you go over the bumps or on rough road surfaces. Most of the time poor speaker connections can cause car speakers to cut in and out randomly. The best way to fix this is to check all the wiring that connects your speakers to the back of the car stereo. This problem is usually occurred because of loose wiring, but in some rear situations we have seen a few blown voice coils on a set of speakers that cut in and out. You want to check your cars wiring properly, so you might as well to it the right way the first time around. Remove all panels and the car stereo and inspect the wiring to ensure the best possible secure connections.

1) Remove the door card of the speaker that is cutting in and out. When removing this be careful and ensure you disconnect the plug that goes into the window switches.

2) Remove the speaker from the door pod. Check the speaker connections on the back of the spade terminals. Ensure that they are pushed on all the way and securely fitted on. Get a noise pillar and press down the connectors onto the terminals for the best secure fitting. Also to protect your speaker from getting impacting from vibrations and cutting out, wrap up the speaker connections in electrical tape to prevent them from any kind of movement.

3) If its not at the back of the speakers, its most likely at the back of the car stereo wiring harness plug. There are four sets of speakers wire each going to one of the four speakers fitted into your car. Twisting wires and using tape is not going to provide a secure connection all the time. It might work well for the first few months, but as heat generates the tape will most likely come off. The best way is to solder and heatshrink your speaker wire connections or to keep things neat use a strip of choc block connectors.

Hopefully your car speakers should stop cutting in and out now when driving both at low or high volume. Its a common problem and all it is a bad or poor connection either from behind the speaker or the back of the cd player. If your car stereo cuts out only when you turn up the volume and not because of vibrations, then it is most likely an electrical issue especially if you notice that your lights dim and voltage drops below 14.4. You might need up upgrade the car battery to a deep cycle, add a power cap or upgrade the alternator.
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