What are Car Audio Capacitors Used For?


An car audio capacitor is often heard at car shows or found on the internet. It looks like an fascinating thing in the boot that lights up in bright colours. What does an power capacitor do? Today, you are going to find out. An power cap is basically and short term storage bank for your car amplifier, when your car amp requires power when the bass hits, the power capacitor will quickly release any energy stored. This can help with issues such as dimming headlights and other electrical problems. It can help, but only to an extent, the power cap has to be at least 5 farad or more to help and an true rated capacitor. Don't bother with 1 farad power caps, they don't hardly provide any benefit, which is why when people install them say power capacitors are an waste of money in the car audio world.

Power capacitors, also have an handy volt meter placed on them. This shows the overall voltage rating of your vehicles electrical system. This can help you troubleshoot if there is an problem with the car battery or alternator. If the voltage is above 13.00 V is usually perfect, anything lower than this is means your car electrical charging system is struggling to keep up with bass demands. If this is the case, then upgrade your car battery to an yellow top optima battery. This contains deep cycle technology that allows better performance for demanding car audio systems that contain multiple car speakers and car amplifiers. An bigger alternator and the big 3 upgrade can also be considered for car audio systems over an 1000 rms.

In order for an car audio power capacitor to actually provide some benefit, it has to be wired as close as possible to the positive terminal on the car amplifier with the thickest gauge wire you can possibly get. There is no good having an massive wire in the back, as this increase the time the charge to get dispensed to the car amplifier. Proper branded power cap, at least 5 farad, charged up properly with an bulb and mounted as close as possible to the amplifier, will make an difference. 

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