How To Get an Better Sound In your car Welcome to car audio

An car audio system from the factory if not the fancy bose or harman kardon, will not have the best of equipment. In most cases, you will have an cheap factory radio, no amplifier and cheap speakers made from poor materials such as papers. If your car is an older vehicle from an very old generation, then the weather conditions such as wind and rain would cause the speaker to degrade over the years. If your car audio system is lacking clarity and bass, the the best thing would be to looking into first upgrading the car speakers. Usually, component speakers are applied in the front, they contain an separate tweeter and mid range speaker. Component speakers are more simpler to install, as they contain the tweeter already integrated into each standalone speaker. 

Applying sound deadening material is also key to bring the best out of your car speakers. This is because adding this stuff to all door cards and within the metal parts behind the speaker, will reduce rattle. It can also be used to seal up any holes or air leaks around the speaker you may find. This can increase the amount of bass your car speakers produce. Buying an used car it is essential you do all the relevant checks, such as VIN search and VIN look. This can help you identify any real problems with the cars service history amongst other things too.

An upgraded headunit if possible will provide more RMS power to your car speakers to provide them with clarity and reduce distortion levels. You will also notice more features on an aftermarket car stereo, such as an parametric car equaliser, DSP settings such as time alignment and high pass filter and low pass filter settings. You can also add an car amplifier to your car door speakers, an four channel is recommend if you have also upgraded the front and rear of your car speakers. 

Adding an car subwoofer will allow you to have more bass of the low frequency spectrum in your car. An car subwoofer can be setup to play anything below 80 HZ. This is deep low bass that you can feel as well as hear that car door speakers simply lack to deliver due to the low cone area they have. An 300 rms subwoofer in an sealed box will provide you with an small punch without taking too much space.

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