Why is one side of my car speakers not working? please help

Overtime, components in an vehicle degrade and will need replacing. This is common with the mechanical aspect of things such as working on the engine, but car audio also will need replacing at some point. From failed speakers to radios that no longer display anything on the screen, we have seen it all. If you have noticed that one side of your car speaker is working and the other car speaker on the opposite door is not, this troubleshooting guide will help you fix your problem. 

Working in the car audio industry and now an old hobbyist, let me explain an scenario to you. Each time you open and close an door, there is delicate wiring located within the rubber boot found between to vehicle chassis and the door. Over years of constant opening and closing, this will increase wear on the wires to an point that it will break them off. Before you start taking door panels off, pry off the rubber boot and inspect the speaker wires. Chance are the speaker wires have become brittle, to get your broken car speaker working again is simple. Find the broken wires, snip them off were they are broken from, obtain wire of an similar gauge and solder on the new wires. 

If its not the speaker wire found in the door, then check the car speaker itself. Remove the door card to expose the car speaker, you will find many videos on YouTube that can help you with this. Once you have done that, remove the car speaker. Inspect the condition, can you press down the cone? Is it rock hard, is the rubber surround damaged. These are all things you need to look at. Test the car speaker with an battery, does it make an noise? If the car speaker is not working, replacing it with an exact same one would be recommended. Possibly from an breaking car if its an factory speaker. Or if you fancy an upgrade get online and get yourself an set of brand new car speakers.

VIN Lookup is important to consider if purchasing an new car, this is because its essential to know your research when buying an vehicle. Previous damages that you may not been aware about can show up with an simple VIN check.

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