How To Get More Bass From 6x9 Car Speakers

How To Get More Bass From 6x9 Car Speakers

6X9 speakers are a great additional car audio speakers to add to your system if you require more bass in your music and you don't want to take up trunk space by installing a car subwoofer. 6X9 speakers are capable of providing good bass because of their large cone area potential. A 6x9 speaker cone area is equivalent to one 8 inch subwoofer. If you have just installed a pair of 6x9s into the parcel shelf of your car and want more bass from the 6x9 car speakers, there are certain things you can factor in to improve it further. If you are looking for the best 6x9 speakers for bass, the Rockville audio RVL69w 6x9 subwoofer are the best right now.

6x9 speakers are power-hungry. You can power 6x9s speakers from the rear channel from your car stereo headunit, however, it won't be sufficient if you want lots of bass. Most aftermarket car headunits have an internal amplifier that provides between 25 to 20 rms. Most good quality JBL 6x9s speakers are around 100 RMS. However, if you are powering 6x9s from a stock headunit you will have no bass at all. I would recommend that you install a 2 channel amplifier using each channel to power the left and right 6x9 speakers of your choice. Please match the RMS rated of each speaker with a high quality amplifier that can provide the RMS wattage required. 

Consider making or buying a 6x9 speaker box. You can get these on eBay for like $30. Two small enclosures for each speaker can bed place on the back of your parcel shelf on your car or the rear seats. This is far better than installing the 6x9 speakers into the parcel shelf by cutting a hole into some flimsy particleboard. The 6x9 speaker box will add more bass to the 6x9 speakers. If you can buy a prefab ported box for your 6x9 speakers you will be impressed with the subwoofer-like sound coming from your system. If you are looking for a 6x9 speaker box for bass, get creative and make your custom one tuned to 50HZ. I have seen some bass-heavy 6x9 speakers shake rearview mirrors effortlessly. It’s all about the box!

Increase the bass from the headunit. If you are using an aftermarket headunit, go into audio settings and into the equalizer option if there is one. The parametric equalizer will allow you to increase the bass provided to the 6x9 speakers. The first slider in the eq band is usually 50HZ or 60HZ you want to turn this EQ band to the highest level just before the sound distorts. This will provide a signal to the car amplifier that has more bass added to it, allowing you to get more bass from the 6x9 speakers.

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