How To Make Car Speakers Sound More Clearer

If you have installed a big powerful sounding subwoofer in your car, you also want accurate and clear vocals as well as having thumping bass. Most people that install their car audio system forget about adding aftermarket front and rear speakers to enhance treble. If you want to improve the way your car speakers sound and make them clearer there are a number of things that you can do.

1) Fine tune the car equalizer. If you have an aftermarket headunit that is built by Alpine, Pioneer or Kenwood it will have an adjustable eq integrated into the audio settings. This allows you to adjust the amount of DB based on certain frequencies. You can adjust the full treble range and fine tune your car audio system to get a clearer sound.

2) Use an external Amplifier. The amp inside all car stereo provides a clipped signal at high volumes due to being very insufficient due to its size limitations. Now connecting a small external amplifier, preferable a 4 channel amp will provided a cleaner signal. This means that the car speakers will get their full potential that they are designed for and there will be less distortion at high volume levels. It may take a few hours to install because you have to install the power, ground and RCA wires plus running all the speaker wires to the back but its well worth it.

3) Sound Deadening material. You can apply this in small layers onto the doors to stop any rattles or vibrations that you can get. Not many people consider this but it is a must as it will make your car speakers sound so much better and cleaner. Its easy to install, you simply peel away the bottom half cut it to shape, press it down with a roller and stick it down.

4) Activating the HPF. This is a special filter setting on a car stereo that block subwoofer bass going to the car speakers. This prevents them to sound distorted because they are not designed to play bass and are only meant to be used for vocals. You need to enabled it and set it to 80 HZ as this is the best setting to block of bass for clear sound.
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