How To Make Cheap Speakers Sound Better

how to make cheap car speakers sound better

If you are on a budget and don’t have much funds to place into installing high end expensive car audio equipment into your ride, then there are always cheap alternatives at your local car audio shop. Some cheap speakers to recommend are Sony Xplod or BOSS speakers. Now they are certainly better than stock cheap paper cone speakers that come fitted from the factory. Its not always about what type of speakers you use, most of the time its how they are setup and installed. You can make cheap speakers sound better than $200 dollar setup and we will explain to you how today.

Amplifier: Powering the cheap speakers from a factory stereo is not going to provide them will the full power output. This will limit the levels of spl they are capable of producing. So get a 4 channel amplifier, match the rms output of the speaker.

Sound deadening: This is a silver material that is placed inside the door and metal parts of the body that surround the speaker. This will stop vibrations and rattle from the mid bass that is produced by the speakers fitted into the door. It also helps reduce road noise and makes a world difference in sound quality.

Use an equalizer with an aftermarket headunit. Factory headunits don’t have many features to tweak around with the different frequencies. Most of the time they provide simply options only to adjust bass and treble. Pioneer and Kenwood headunits provide you with full control with low pass filter, high pass filers and an 8-10 band parametric fully adjustable eq. This allows you to get the best sound from the entire frequency range and get rid of peaks with harsh ear damaging treble.
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