How To Add Engine Coolant To Your Cars Engine


Engine coolant is very essential to be applied into an vehicles engine when it is low. It is basically coolant that is pumped around the cars system to keep things cool. When the engine is switched on it produces heat, engine coolant allows your engine to keep cooler during the summertime. It is essential that you actually use high quality coolant as your engine will benefit from it more. A lot of people always ask me, would water be ok? The answer is yes in an emergency situation it will do fine, however it doesn’t have special ingredients that prevent rust and corrosion. Overtime, if you keep using water the rubber pipe work will eventually give it. Another thing with using water as a replacement for actual coolant is that in the winter it can freeze up the pipes. Looking to find new cars or used cars at great prices? Then check out a great website that has a powerful search engine to find you the perfect car your looking for.

When to apply coolant in your engine is easy to identify. In most modern advance cars, a warning message will appear on the car’s dashboard. Also, if you notice that the engine temperature is increased recently, it may also be a sign your coolant is running low or a problem with your cooling system. Sometimes the sensor can fail which tells your cars ecu when the coolant is running low, so you should always top your car up with coolant every 3 months if your car is regularly driven, just to be on the safe side.

WARNING - Always ensure the engine is switched off and if you have been driving to allow the engine to cool for 20 minutes before topping up. The coolant will be hot inside the tank and the pressure built up when removing the cap can overflow and cause an mess in the engine pay. You will need to allow the engine to cool down before adding engine coolant to your car’s engine.

The location of were to apply the coolant of course will be underneath the hood your car.  Pop the hood of your car by pushing the release leaver found inside the car. Usually, it will be a large colour white tank that is labelled as 'Coolant'. If you are unsure then please refer to the owner’s manual provided with your car or check online. 

Turn the protective cap anticlockwise to remove it from the coolant tank. Start by applying coolant with a smooth flow and stop until you have reached the highest level. Secure the protective cap back on by turning it clockwise and make sure it’s nice and tight. Now that the engine coolant has applied your engine will now be much happier.

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