How To Remove Car Radio From Car


Sometimes you may want to upgrade the factory radio in your car. This allows you to add more features such as Bluetooth, sat nav and dab radio. You may also want to remove your car radio from your car if it has stopped working. This will then allow you to see the wiring harness on the back to check for loose wires or connections. Sometimes there will also be a fuse behind the car radio. Looking to sell your car or sell your car? Check out the marketplace for used vehicles.

Removing a car radio and disconnecting the wiring plug from the back of it will terminate all power that is going to it. This means that sometimes the radio when reconnected may ask for a radio code. You may find this an issue if your car is very old and you don't have the original handbook for the car. However, cheap radio codes on ebay can be found in most cases.

Make sure the power is off, turn off the car’s engine and remove they key. This will prevent any shorts taking place when removing the radio.

Once you have done this you will need to use your relevant radio removal keys. These are tools that car audio shops use to remove car radios, which can bought online. They are metal tools that when pushed in allow to release the radio. There are different tools for different vehicles and usually have to be vehicle specific. 

Usually, there will be slots on the front of the car stereo where you would slot in the radio removal tools. Usually, one slot on the left and one on the right or multiple slots on each side. Push in your radio removal tool on each side and press the key it. What this does is pushes a spring back in the radio, the spring that holds the radio in. 

Once all the car stereo radio removal tools are pushed all the way in, holding the handles hold onto them and pull outwards. In most cases the radio will remove from the din slot. If the radio is stuck, you might need to pry it out further using an flat head screwdriver.

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