How To Make Your Car Exhaust Sound Louder For Free

louder than your girlfriend last night exhaust 2

How To Make Your Car Exhaust Louder Without Buying Anything or Changing it, if you are on a budget then it can lead to limitations on how good you can get it to sound. Now you corsa, fiesta or saxo owners out there might be wondering this. We have all had at least one them when passed the driving test and always want to impress friends at the local McDonalds car park. If its not cheap underglow neon lights from Ebay or Racing Sticker from poundland, you want your exhaust to sound like a wasps nest or even better a lawnmower. Now realistically, the only free way that works to make your car exhaust system louder is to make holes in it. However, we have found another great way that keeps it looking orginal from the outside.

ricer vs tuner

There is a difference between two guys with baseball caps in a Saxo and an hard working enthusiast that has put the hard work in hours at his 9-5 job to fit a nice HKS aftermarket exhaust to hear that boxer engine produce a lovely rumble from the unequal headers.

make car exhaust louder for free

If you want to be a ricer or make your car sound like a fart can please be our guest. Sorry the above was a joke, but yes you can make your car exhaust louder for free we tell you how but we dont really recommend doing it for long.

1) Allow your car to cool down before working on it. The exhaust and other metal parts underneath the car are usually warm if you have just driven it.

2) Jack up the car and place axel stands underneath it for safety.

louder than your girlfriend last night exhaust 13) The ends that clamp together with the rear back box muffler part, (The one sticking outside your rear bumper) attaches to the cars pipe. What you want to do is loosen the screws holding it in place, this will make your exhaust leak causing it to blow making the car exhaust sound louder for free. Its safer than drilling holes in the back box because you will eventually get sick of being a ricer at one point with your friends in the local walmart car park looking for which Sony Xplod subs you should get next.
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