What is an car audio equalizer? Do I need one?


In the early 90s, car audio equalisers had been very popular. There were many brands such as Kenwood, Alpine and Pioneer making high tech funky looking designs. There are two types of equalisers, an DSP based one that has an spectrum analyser, more of the expensive style, allowing you more control and precision geared towards optimal sound quality. Then you also get the cheaper based car equalisers that have just adjustable sliders or turntable knobs on them to control the frequency. In the old days, car stereos had been very basic, they used to usually have two settings. One is bass, the other one was treble and thats it no more other than that. So it was an must to add an equaliser to expand the level of control you can have, in terms of adjusting the bass, midrange and treble. 

I have used an car equaliser and it does provide better sound. But I feel that it is now more for looks than functionality, as almost ever single new generation headunit already has an equaliser setup from the factory integrated in. In an nutshell, an car equaliser contains different frequencies bands, can be from 5 bands all the way up to 11. If you have an upgraded car audio system, that consists of upgraded door car speakers, an car subwoofer and multiple amplifiers, adding an car audio equaliser will allow you to add more sound quality into your car. With an standalone, car equaliser, you also have figure out were you are going to mount it for easy access. If you have an spare DIN slot that is usually the spot or inside the glove box would also work well.

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