How To Stop Your Car Trunk From Rattling With Bass Subs

If you want to fix trunk rattle from car audio subs its a very important factor when considering sound quality as your main priority of your install. Trunk rattle tends to be much more noticeable at high volumes because more vibrations are being created by the subwoofer cone. You can stop trunk rattle almost completely with using dynamat. This is a special material that looks like shiny foil that is placed inside the cars trunk behind the carpets, making direct contact with the chassis metal. This then stops trunk rattle from subwoofers because it dampens the waves and absorbs them, reducing the amount of vibrations being transffered to the outside of the car and loosing valuable spl. Once you have stopped trunk rattling from subs you will notice that the sound will also be more cleaner inside the car and less muddy. In fact Dynamat make a special kit just for trunks called the Dynamat Xtreme Trunk Kit. This contains all the sound deading material and the right quantity of it to cover your trunk completely. Check out the link for it here

1) Remove everything from your cars trunk this including all the furry factory carpet. This include all the car audio equipment such as connected amplifiers and any subwoofer enclosure box. Make sure all the wiring is taped off, especially the power and ground wires to ensure its safe to work on.

2) Get a clean cloth, apply a cleaning product like rubbing alcohol or something that is equivalent and rub down all the metal. This will remove any dirt or grease, allowing the sound deading material to stick down more securely without any trouble and stop it from peeling back in hot summer weathers.

3) To make it easier to work with, use a hair dryer to warm it up to make it more flexible for around 30 seconds. It would be better if you had a heat gun though as its a tools that all car audio shops use to get the best possible professional install.

4) Now get one sheet peel it back and stick it down to the area you want to deaden. Go over it with a wallpaper roller or the official Dynamat Roller to ensure that all the areas are firmly stuck down onto the cars metal. Thats it really, you just need to follow the same exact procedure for all of the different areas in the trunk, which should take you no longer than one hour to complete.
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